lawn tonic recipe

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lawn tonic recipe

The nutrients and sugars in the beer, cola, and molasses provide all the beneficial bugs and bacteria something to feast on, which – when mixed with all the plant matter contained in your lawn’s natural thatch – gives them just the right mix of things to keep them working on breaking down that thatch. Also, leave the clippings on the lawn, it’ll replenish some of the nitrogen your grass will need. The truth is, every lawn needs a certain amount of thatch, and if you use my homemade liquid dethatcher recipe listed below, you will NEVER have a thatch problem in your lawn. Thatch is simply the result of a buildup of old grass roots and rhizomes. He says seeds given this head start will start to grow in 7 days, instead of 14-21. Water for long periods of time infrequently. Though this isn’t a tutorial on any of the fertilizer recipe, but a really helpful … Too much of the ammonia can hurt more than help. Aerate. To do that, simply mix up the following recipe, and apply it using a 20 gallon lawn sprayer (don’t worry, it’s not as big as it sounds) every 30 days or so (a little more frequently in hot weather): Pour all ingredients into a 20 Gallon Lawn Sprayer and spray on your lawn until all the ingredients are expended (as this is 100% natural, you cannot spray too much or harm your lawn with it). And homeowners everywhere will be looking for a tried-and-true method for a greener, healthier lawn – fast. Beer is a unique item to add to your soil. On my side, I am trying to prepare the tinctures as much as closely to the recipe. This lawn tonic recipe comes from … I spray my homemade liquid dethatcher on the lawn after the first cut of every month, and let nature do the rest. Start protecting your health by using this natural antibiotic tonic (and don’t forget to share this recipe with others)! Step 2 Water in the morning. This trains the grass to dig its roots deeper in search of water. Is this Secret Lawn Tonic a weed killer? To 20 Gal Hose-end sprayer add: 1 beer. Syrup can stay refrigerated in a resealable container for about 1 month. Spin Martin, groundskeeper at the University of Tulsa, Seth Armstrong, groundskeeper at Simplepayday. Lawn Tonic Recipe. This week (July 2016), Western New York will face the highest temperatures of an already brutal stretch of heat, with little rain in sight. The mouthwash (believe it or not) naturally interrupts the biological processes of harmful insects (especially grubs), causing them to die off. from kids and pets). The pop and the beer are essentially food for your lawn, and, February 7, 2019. Thatch buildup in NOT the result of leaving clippings on the lawn. ): The secret and awesome part about this is that chances are you have all of this stuff at home (maybe not the sprayer or the beer/soda if you don’t drink it). His secret–a formula– a “tonic” made-up of common household ingredients. By watering for an hour, rather than 15 minutes, the water will soak into the soil and the lawn will grow lusher. I feel like pouring that stuff on my lawn negates all the recycling we do… so in addition to lawn care tips, I scoured the web for some good suggestions for green ways to kill weeds. Leaving clippings on your lawn WILL NOT cause thatch to build up. Mix these ingredients in a 20 gallon hose end sprayer and evenly apply to the lawn. This is a recipe for a great lawn tonic that will turn that brown grass green again. This collection of tips comes from a variety of sources including and Apply to your entire yard to the point of run-off every 2 weeks, in the evening, to discourage insects and prevent disease. Russell Demotsis is the horticulturist at Mirimichi, a green golf course in Millington, TN owned by Justin Timberlake. by Southern Lawn Man | Jun 5, 2017 | Lawn Blog. Required fields are marked *, In order to pass the CAPTCHA please enable JavaScript. Apr 7, 2019 - Explore Melissa Bartlett's board "Jerry Baker's Tonics", followed by 101 people on Pinterest. The ammonia seems like a fertilizer rather than weed killer, and the soap to be used to help absorb the liquid into the grass leaves…, Your email address will not be published. To make a gin and tonic, use 1/2 ounce or so of tonic syrup with 2 ounces of gin and top off with several ounces of soda water. Spin Martin, groundskeeper at the University of Tulsa, recommends putting the seed into a pantyhose stocking and soak it in water for 24 hours. I have many herbalism books which suggest certain volumes for the alcohol mentstrum. Q: Voles have invaded my lawn, and are causing quite a mess with their runways. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Why this Homemade Lawn Food Recipe Works: Beer. Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer | Contact Us, Green Lawn Care Tips and a Secret Lawn Tonic Recipe from a Golf Course Groundskeeper. It’s also amazing how overrun others can be, considering the cost of your average round of golf! Learn how your comment data is processed. Different species of grass (such as Zoysia, Centipede, Bermuda, and Buffalo grasses) produce this natural thatch faster than other grass species, but all grasses produce their own natural thatch. Fill rest of jar with water and shake. One thing I stumbled upon was a secret lawn “tonic” from a former golf course greenskeeper. A lusher lawn, with taller blades of grass, will force out weeds, which will try to find easy bare spots to monopolize. I get quite a few customers who are concerned with (what they perceive as) excess thatch in the lawn, and who ask me if their lawn needs to be power-raked and/or manually dethatched. This homemade tonic syrup makes the most delicious gin and tonics. My lawn has NEVER been power raked (if you know anything about Zoysia, you know it is notorious for thatch build-up…a problem I have never had). Richard . Believe it or not, regardless of the type of lawn you have, some thatch is necessary for its long-term health. A good friend gave this recipe to me. Beware of overwatering, as it can lead to disease. The recipe is: 1 can of beer (no "light" beer) 1 can of soda (no "diet" soda) He, or she, is the person in charge of making sure the course is up to par. 10 Vegetables to Plant in Your Garden This Fall, Copyright © 2016-2020 It is the best combination to fight any of the mentioned conditions and diseases. Though it may not seem like it right now, spring is just around the corner. When mowing, use a sharp blade. We don’t have a huge lawn in front of our house, which makes it even more egregious if it’s not properly maintained! Bagaineering has compiled some great tips for lawn care and weed killing, all aimed at saving you money and time. So it makes sense that the perfect person to dispense lawn care advice is the groundskeeper (really they’re called Greenskeepers) of your local golf course. In all cases, we liked the tonic… “Tonic” is a loosely used term that can be applied to many other subjects, but here it refers to those green plants emerging early in the season that reputedly strengthen and invigorate the body. IMPORTANT REMINDER: DO NOT USE antibacterial dish soap, as it will kill off the beneficial bacteria you are trying to promote in your lawn. As an example for the Calendula Officinalis the recipe is 1:5 (w/v), 70% alcohol. I leave in Malai and our local stores are not selling 190% proof alcohol (like everlast). ADD 4 ounces Listerine Mouthwash to the recipe, ZAAR wont allow it as an ingredient, so it isn't listed, but does need to be added. Do you have any good lawn care tips or weed killing suggestions? Before any of you naysayers out there think this might not work, here is MY Zoysia Lawn. I’ve been playing a lot of golf lately and it’s amazing how manicured some courses are. The reason being that – as the clippings decompose – they also speed along the decomposition of old roots and rhizomes. Weeding by hand is the greenest of solutions but depending on how much lawn, or how many weeds you have, it may not be an efficient way of dealing with the issue. The key to winning the war on weeds it to keep a nice healthy lawn in the first place. Beer Fertilizers for Lawns. So…the best way to take care of thatch, and insure you have just the right amount of it, is to let nature do its thing by breaking it down naturally. Remove, let the water drain, and repeat two more times. A pop, a beer, a little liquid dishwashing soap- some mouthwash–and some household ammonia–all mixed in to a 10-gallon hose-end sprayer. Beer contains yeast, enzymes and nutrients that promote good microbial activity, and the same goes for tea, soda, corn syrup and molasses. Heffron said this version seems to work well in Colorado. As promised, here is a fantastic recipe from Tim Heffron (he calls it a lawn tonic, I called it secret because I didn’t know it until I found it! All Rights Reserved. Do not get on cement or … …let me say that again. Your email address will not be published. Stir the mixture thoroughly. Sipping this brew can help ease both. I haven’t used it yet but if a former golf course groundskeeper says it’s legit, I’ll believe him… though I’m wondering where the gin comes in. It includes the recipe for my Squirrel Beater Tonic, as well as instructions for spicing up (and squirrel-proofing) birdseed, making your own squirrel baffle, and much more. Club Soda. Tweet. When seeding, pre-soak the seeds. ): 1 can of A healthy amount of thatch can (especially in warmer-climates) insulate and keep your soil cool, slow water loss, and cushion your lawn to improve its tolerance to heavy foot traffic (i.e. Heavy thatch may require a second application a week later. Pour gin, 9 Shares. I should also note that this lawn has never seen any chemical fertilizers either, just a straight diet of Milorganite. After several attempts to make an exceptional homemade tonic syrup – including this famous recipe from Jeffrey Morgenthaler, and this one from Lottie + Doof, via Tony Cecchini and the NYTimes – Keith and I were unsatisfied. Pin 9. Epsom Salt Lawn Tonic. Most lawn disease are caused by critters in the dew. Carbonated water is full of basic elements that make up the cellular framework of plants, … The anti-inflammatory herbs turmeric and ginger offer a tangy, slightly sweet flavor that will hit the spot. Russell Demotsis is the horticulturist at Mirimichi, ← 4 Reasons to Add a Garden Guest Room to Your Home, How to Get Started with Indoor Gardening →, 1 can of regular soda (any kind-no diet soda), 1/2 cup of liquid soap (do NOT use anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid), Pour into 10-gallon hose-end sprayer (other sizes will work too). It’s also better because you want to wash away all the dew. Step 1 In a bucket mix one can of soda, 1/2 cup of dishwashing detergent, one can of beer, 1/2 cup of ammonia and 1/2 cup of mouthwash. Lawn Tonic recipe: •1 can of beer (regular, not light, go cheap) •1 can of soda (regular, not diet, I think Pepsi works best) •1/2 cup dish-washing liquid (not antibacterial soap) 1/2 cup liquid iron. Share. If you have treated your lawn with chemicals before, beer … Lawn Tonic is meant to be applied every three weeks with a hose sprayer, as dilution of the substance is important. First, it’s better to water in the morning when the temperature is cooler because less of the water evaporates. 1 cup ammonia. or a greening solution? WiseBread: Secret Lawn Tonic Recipe From Golf Course Groundskeeper Thrifty Fun: Homemade Lawn Fertilizer Celia Balmer Celia Balmer is a freelance copywriter who started writing professionally in 2007. Here are a few green ways to deal with weeds: As promised, here is a fantastic recipe from Tim Heffron (he calls it a lawn tonic, I called it secret because I didn’t know it until I found it! You might need to wear those silly shoes but aerating your lawn helps clear the way for nutrients, air, and water to help them reach the root zone of your grass. It works wonders for keeping your lawn nice and green. He weeds by hand or uses Milorganite, which is a mixture of things you probably don’t want to know about. You might be surprised to learn that a common household item like beer can be used to achieve a lush, beautiful, green lawn. It also distributes nutrients to the grass. Curiously, most lawn tonic recipes warn against using anti- bacterial dish soap – ignoring the fact that the next ingredient in the recipe, mouthwash, is itself anti-bacterial in nature? Place the ice cubes in a tall, narrow glass with the ice coming near the top. Stress can come from two places: the inside (inflammation) and the outside (too much to do). The Master Tonic is truly one of the most powerful antibiotics out there. The liquid dish soap is a kind of “wetting agent” and allows the penetrate right down to root level, to maximize bacterial activity. Fall Lawn Tonic. Mix the ingredients in your 20 gallon hose-end sprayer, filling the balance of the sprayer jar with warm water. Pour all ingredients into a 20 Gallon Lawn Sprayer and spray on your lawn until all the ingredients are expended (as this is 100% natural, you cannot spray too much or harm your lawn with it). However, the most interesting tip I believe they have is a secret recipe that should work wonders for maintaining a weed-free lawn. 4 Winter Tonic Recipes Golden Lemon Drop Honey. Since it is fermented, it adds beneficial chemicals to the soil that aide in healthy bacteria growth. See more ideas about tonic, lawn care, jerry. Maintenance of Lawn. I believe we’ve done the work to call this the ultimate Gin and Tonic recipe. In fact, when combined with a safe, organic homemade liquid dethatching recipe (also known as a “lawn tonic”), mulched-up grass clippings left on your lawn will actually reduce the amount of thatch. For a while we’ve been battling weeds and one of the things I really hate buying are those toxic-looking weed killers. 1/4 cup of peppermint soap . After the third day, the seeds should start to germinate and prevent irregular growth. There are dozens of variations of this lawn tonic recipe. Seth Armstrong, groundskeeper at Simplepayday, says that ‘…dull blades will tear rather than cut the grass.’ Tearing will leave the grass vulnerable to disease, which is a bad thing, so make sure your mower blades are sharp. This has made for a punishing summer season for area lawns. With spring just around the corner, I thought I would post this.

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