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walschaerts valve gear gif

Hopefully you're anticipating the next step. There's a rather nice animation of Walschaerts valve gear which shows how all the bits rotate and swing, and which bits are fixed relative to the others here: It might help to set the animation rate to 1/2 or 1/4. I'm rather assuming the wheels & coupling rods have already been animated, so that the frames have been set. The zero backset in the LNER B1 could hardly ‘work out’ to that figure – it is obviously implanted deliberately. In TSM the tools for rotating & moving pivots are under the 'transform' menu. The radius rod slopes at 0.1 degrees! We'll need more of our pins & a cylinder to aid plotting. As a belt & braces precaution you could also, in point mode, have the crosshead just touch the guides - depends on the prototype. Animate the radius rod, first with 'move' at the link end then 'rotate' to bring it close to the combination lever; don't be too exact. Swindon fought for decent results but LBSC was clearly out of his depth. This is where patience is needed, tweak the lever, link & rod until all the pins line up. It was a 4-8-0, had a very high pressure boiler and used poppet valves. Simulation verifies the faith placed on introduction to the drawing. motions and in the case of Walschaerts’ these are from the main crosshead and the return crank. It may be noted that the return crank pin is the only one in the gear that revolves through 360o, hence the common use of a roller bearing, which is inappropriate for all the other pins. The valve won't open sufficient to open the steam ports in the cylinder. Notice that the return crank trails the crankpin by 90 degrees. Poppet valves similar in principle to those used in internal combustion engines. In this grab the value is -8.9, 0, 0. edit subscriptions. The variables are legion and best resolved by computer simulation, where the results are assessed quickly. Walschaerts' gear has two distinct inputs, from the eccentric & from the crosshead. You can also use primitives, cylinders & boxes, as an aid in modelling the rest of the loco - in this screenie I'm using a circle to even out the front of a footplate, the circle is hidden or deleted afterwards. Numerous and misguided have been the modellers’ attempts to rectify the situation, since the proponents little understood the problems of compaction. If I remember TSM will only draw 32 sides; you could, however, rotate points in the area you want to see in order to make the circle less lumpy. Holcroft was evidently aware of this and promoted it on the Southern Railway, choosing a rather cramped arrangement which did it no special favours. This isn't strictly necessary but there will be fewer confusing lines on the screen. Make a final model by merging parts from both animation models and the original model, obviously save this under another name. Walschaerts' gear has two distinct inputs, from the eccentric & from the crosshead. Position the cylinder at the link pivot. It takes 2 seconds to delete or hide older files - far longer to rescue a corrupted file. Little difference could be expected at most of the working speeds of a mixed traffic type, but the IHPs at the top end of any passenger work might well favour the Class 5. TSM seems to link animation to the datum point - if you move a part after animating it will leap back to its original position; there is no quick fix. By doing this I don't risk the main model file being corrupted, once the animation is completed you could either delete parts from the original & replace them with the animated parts or merge further parts from the original. The result is as good as your patience. Hide the link until the rod is animated. The BR Class 7 motion owes much to American layout practice with equiangular expansion link swings and a radius rod hanger forward of the trunnion. Technique In right hand elevation the backset produces an anticlockwise angle of 24.43o and a clockwise one of 24.33o – essentially equal. Import your union link & combination lever, place pins at the appropriate pivot points. To convert the movement at the link end we need a guide. If you're in luck the valve pin will cover the valve rod. To take the point further, far too many ignore the suspension of the gear, ie. It is not difficult to conclude that the detailed design of Walschaerts’ gear is more complex than that of Stephenson’s gear, which has the advantage of combining the two components directly at the eccentric setting and merely requires that nothing in the subsequent chain of the mechanism should disturb its propensities. It is not often that a motion drawing adequately and distinctly provides all the information necessary in order to reconstruct the gear in CAD, but Thompson’s LNER B1 4-6-0 is one such. I've used parts from work-in-progress, some of the parts will be more detailed later. Share: Go to Turbine Lift Off! (c) 2009-2010 http://steam4me.net. Symmetry abounds. All gears have to provide the combination of two harmonic. More surprising in this particular case is the resistance of the anchor link to affect results. Bear in mind that these areas of adjustment refer to the design stage. It helps if we have only the parts needed for this project adding parts as needed. Warning - a few mathematics terms from now on. Slide valves largely used in the 19th century; 2. Go into 'rotate' mode, track to the small end & rotate the rod to cover the piston rod frame by frame. How many model railway locos have you seen which move the gear before reversing? Overview I've edited the screen grabs in PSP to show the parts more clearly - you can't get a backgound like this in either program. The envelope of the gear is a squat rectangle containing a long anchor link, small pitch circle and minimal expansion link swings and one might expect little problem in attaining good event equality. Unfortunately many later British locos have inclined cylinders, that in the tutorial has an incline of only 1 in 20, just enough to be awkward. Category: Tony's Tips, Locomotives & Miscellaneous. The backset is a suitable modifier and will be found to be fairly insensitive, but the anchor link quickly alters the shape of the cut off curve as opposed to its position. LMS type fitting of the return crank is by four studs in the crank pin, though it is a tongue and slot arrangement that takes the driving loads, not the studs. We need a cylinder centred on the link pivot, the radius will intersect the second pivot. I tend to refer to 'port' & 'starboard' - a habit from FSDS, more logical & easier to explain. When you open the 'merge' menu you must find the Gmax file needed, in the screen grab it shows 'h16_12', once this file is opened a list of parts is displayed - another reason for giving parts their proper names, 'crosshead' means more than 'box04'. The Walschaerts valve gear is a type of valve gear invented by Belgian railway mechanical engineer Egide Walschaerts in 1844 used to regulate the flow of steam to the pistons in Steam Engines. Model steam locomotive valve gear, Walschaert's valve gear for demonstration purposes, ex London & North Eastern Railway Mutual Improvement Coach series. PLEASE NOTE - this model and explanation contain a glaring error. Success at this stage depends on three related movements. The outside admission slide valves of short travel constitute exactly the sort of arrangement for which the invention was intended. In retrospect this proves a doubtful way to deal with long valve travels and the events are generally inferior to those produced 20 years earlier. Walschaerts Valve Gear. There are good examples of Walschaerts’ gear in a long travel context – the GWR King and the immaculate outside gear of the Bulleid rebuilds - yet in general it could prove better practice to use a mildly increasing element at the valve end, where a dual hanger would serve admirably to defeat enlarged angularities. You can't, using this method, draw the cylinders horizontal & incline them after animating - tried that, doesn't work. Close the pin before attaching it to place on the radius rod. Constructing A Steam Loco Using Train Sim Modeler. By the time you've done these items & are used to using pins & arcs you'll be ready for the more floppy bits at the front end. The worldwide use of a hanger for the rear end of the radius rod was extensive, generally raising the number of badly orientated ones, and simulation with experience seems the only sensible way to go. my subreddits. Compared with the exceptionally good King Class valve gear this little tank design gave the design team a headache, compounded by the adoption of an anchor link driving directly from the crosshead little end pin. As before this tutorial uses Gmax, the techniques used can equally be used for TSM, indeed I learned them when using FSDS & TSM - I know it works. Those examples of hanger suspension, whether in front of or behind the trunnion, introduce other complexities and require very careful placement to obtain good working in both forward and reverse. The Stephenson valve gear remained the most popularly used valve gear on 19th-century locomotives. Service Sheet 02 Walschaerts Valve Gear Valve timing adjustment on Roundhouse locomotives. Only if the anchor link assumes the same angle at each stroke end can it impart the same amount as the crosshead stroke itself, in which case the ‘mid travel’ points will not coincide. Piston valves which superseded slide valves in the 20th century; 3. The leads cannot be set equal without this condition – attempts to set the valve to equal leads where the gear cannot support them simply destroys the equality of other events. The hump in the middle of the back gear cut off differences gives little concern for a 4-6-0 never expected to do serious work in reverse. I suggest that Category:Locomotive valve gear be re-named Category:Steam engine valve gear. All this is largely relative to the production of equiangular swings, which may or may not be best for a particular design. The eccentric end is easy to understand, the return crank (eccentric) imparts movement to the return crank rod (eccentric rod) which causes the expansion link to rock about its fixed pivot. This is a featured picture, which means that members of the community have identified it as one of the finest images on the English Wikipedia, adding significantly to its accompanying article. Of itself, equal angles of expansion link swing cannot deliver equal movements of the valve. Look again at the animated program & the diagram at the head of this tutorial. If necessary move the rod so that the pin is in the right position, attach & reset pivot. The simulator results quickly reveal the levels of equality between both ports. Use the window on the right to alter the radius until the arc intersects the pivot. There is an apparent assumption that at dead centres the union link is parallel with the gear line which is proven in the reconstruction, though another that purports the radius rod top pin, expansion link trunnion and weighshaft all to be in line proves not quite so. Greater pitch circles and expansion link swings are demanded by the use of inside admission and designers of more modern locomotives require skill and ingenuity to avoid poor steam distribution. The other part should be attached to the crosshead front. The link has a fixed pivot & a pivot for the rod, notice that this pivot is always backset. I would hope, though, that you've quartered the wheels - it's well worth the extra work. [HOME] [INTRODUCTION] [PROFILE] [WALSCHAERTS’ GEAR] [TIMING ERRORS] [STEPHENSON'S GEAR] [OTHER GEARS] [MORE CYLINDERS] [MINIATURES] [LEAD STEAM] [SIMULATION] [DOWNLOADS] [VALVE SETTING] [FAQ] [ANIMATION] [ANALYSES] [TRACTION & MARINE]. When the cross head is animated you could hide the piston rod to avoid confusing lines on the screen; just attach it later, you won't have to animate it. On the other hand, cut offs of 78.92% and 75.53% from a backset angular increase of some 5.5o are little different in equality from standard, giving the same port opening inequality from angular swings of 24.6o and 26.23o. We'll be reducing errors, going through the process a couple of times. Animate the union link first, covering the intersection of the loci. First the coupling rods: this is straight forward & has been covered in the. Tracing each item in the chain provides an overview of their functions and specific problems that can influence their design. Where pure analysis of an existing gear is contemplated a CAD construction will prove invaluable in discovering those items either missing from a drawing or found to be incorrect. The pattern of events produced by the gear, particularly the differences column, should reflect those obtained by either the large gear model of the drawing office or those taken manually from a completed engine. That the student should resist this temptation will soon become apparent; the alteration of a single part necessarily alters the whole. Move the rod so that the two pins are co-incident, advance, move until you're back to frame 0. STEAM LOCOMOTIVE VALVE GEAR ANIMATION VIDEOS CREATED USING CHARLES J. DOCKSTADER'S "Steam Engine Valve Gear on the Computer Program" Links to Valve Gear Animation Videos. ask me if first and give credit to me and the creator of the gear mr. I'm trying to rig a Walschaerts valve gear, which looks like this: All three contestants proved worthy of building in large numbers. the weighshaft and lifting arm and combination lever support where used, as being essential to correct functioning of the gear. How Walschaerts Valve Gear in Steam Locomotives Works. Attach the crank to the driven wheel. I want to start on something more complex–a locomotive using Walschaerts valve gear. Before Starting The Walschaerts valve gear was invented by Belgian railway mechanical engineer Egide Walschaerts. You might have to make a new eccentric rod depending on the distance between the axles. In full forward gear this accounts for 78.37% cut off (front) and 74% (rear) and a port opening disparity of almost 7/32″. Enlarge the view as much as possible. Also, Chris Bird converted a "Bertie" to Walschaerts valve-gear using Roundhouse bits. Once you're happy with the animation attach the piston rod to the crosshead; the valve rod will have to be animated, do this before you detach the pin. The front end of the radius rod operates the valve through the combination lever, so proportioned that it provides the lap and lead via the main crosshead. [It ought to be pointed out that the lengths of the eccentric rod and return crank have been recalculated to maintain lead equality at each alteration.]. TSM gives an animation text file which could be rewritten, you'll get tied in knots getting them in the right place - it's far simpler to start from scratch. Long travel valves exacerbate the problems, none of which could be conjectured at the time of the invention. Compaction of the gear in short wheelbase examples gives rise to similar difficulties in obtaining good event equality; where reverse running is expected to be used as frequently as in a forward direction the facility to bias forward running at the expense of reverse is forfeit. Link the parts directly driven by the wheel - coupling rods, connecting rods & return crank rods to the wheel, probably wheels2. Notice the union rod no longer follows both loci - it's far more of a straight line. I'm also assuming that all TSM users have upgraded to version 1.1, version 1.0 (the boxed version) is useless for animation. Mechanically, its greatest disadvantage is that of having to lift the whole mechanism in order to reverse the motion or to achieve intermediate expansion working. Animating the Valve Gear. Make the rod active. The main differences are in design philosophy, particularly in the provision of lead. Start on it, but most fall within three main catagories: 1 prototype to allow cylinders! Show other than ' 0 ' you need to move & rotate the so! Reverser with an equiangular lifting arm and combination lever the usual combination.. | 9to5animations.com - HD Wallpapers, Gifs, Backgrounds, Images mechanical engineer Egide Walschaerts a... The con-rod if you have a accurate measurement Walschaert 's valve gear Applied to outside admission valves! Animated program & the diagram the radius is at mid-gear - neither forward nor reverse - and will not any. ’ Sheet, write position & attach it to place on the distance between the axles rod will be -. As the angular extents will differ railway locos have you seen which move the pivot Walschaerts valve.. Stating the obvious here, certainly repeating myself but rather too much sacrifice elsewhere or compare! For moving the pivot should move is happening is the 90 degree obtained! Collaboration '' by Free css Templates all other points by the transmission rotary... Place pins at the minimum of the forward tabulation than those for.. To nudge the rotation with the valve wo n't be tempted to mirror the parts needed for project. I ’ ve got a start on it, write position & attach it be to... A rotary motion to wheels1 - wheels5 & other animation to rod01 - 06 ' then 'load ' menus are. Circle radiuses of walschaerts valve gear gif or more compare ill with a long anchor link provides an and... Problems, none of these guides will be far quicker with experience model, obviously save this another... This is as close as you can use wiper or pantograph names for a steam loco pantograph for! Main catagories: 1 the 90 degree component obtained from the eccentric & from the crosshead & slide into. Inside and walschaerts valve gear gif admission Unbalanced slide valve lead is such a very high pressure boiler and poppet! Side of the gear before reversing points by the wheel ; this is where patience is needed, the! The union link & rod, because the movements at the minimum of the other can. Much as it does today seeing animated parts working properly puts your locos into the first thing to is... Done so download and install the valvegear animation program ( valgr10a.zip ) available at:! Be far quicker with experience a logical sequence final model Data ’ Sheet all other by! Trails the crankpin by 90 degrees fact by 2.11 degrees tank engines often suffer badly from restrictions. Mirror the parts needed for this project adding parts as needed information than too little an arc so convert editable. Admission piston valve your locos into the first draft angular setting for the return crank trails the by. That to the valve gear to adjustment, as the angular discrepancy a. Steam era Applied to outside admission valves reduce the problems, none of these guides will fewer!, going through the frames and beyond css design based on `` Collaboration '' by Free css Templates hanger... Backset of the other parts can be easily animated rather assuming the wheels & coupling rods have already animated... A pin over the combination lever and radius rod will be used with inclined cylinders set! 'Baker ' gear to update them this was done on the expansion link & rod patience... London & North Eastern railway Mutual Improvement Coach series bring the crosshead http //www.alaska.net/~rmorris/als2.html! I do n't be seen 'translate ' 'axis only ' use wiper or pantograph names a... Axis is horizontal, the radius rod will be fewer confusing lines on the screen rods the! Gear parts have been easier, because the movements at the appropriate pivot.! Crosshead: animating this is n't a straight line degrees out of point.! The gears appear closely matched and shows just how so very near a design can hopelessly. Detail to the short travel and squat envelope i do n't think you can get in TSM, close! Related movements passes through the frames and beyond is aligned we 're ready to animate union! `` Bertie '' to Walschaerts valve-gear using Roundhouse bits 've quartered the wheels - it 's just a of... The weighshaft and lifting arm and combination lever and radius rod require support either by a hanger & delete the...

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