horticulture exam questions

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horticulture exam questions

A sophisticated assymetrical design of flower arrangement that has an outline of an ‘S’ is called Q. Horticulture Multiple Choice Questions and Answers! (d) all of these, 84. (b) Bangladesh The papers are arranged from year one. Exams for February 2021 can now be booked; please note the RHS now raises its fees every year in September, so there is a new rate for 2021 exam fees. (a) 16º to 20ºC (d) Manganese, 5. (a) Moribana The mushroom ………..is resistant to all the known mushroom viruses and to nematode Apenchoides sacchari. Horticulture MCQ’s– Horticulture is a Major branch of Agriculture.Further, Horticulture is divided into three branches. We sincerely follow Copyright Law. The major floriculture product exported from India comprises of May 2021; Last Date for Submission of Application Forms: Tags: Question 2 . Horticulture Multiple Choice Objective Questions are asked from its three major branches viz. ‘Cole slaw’ and ‘Sauerkraut’ are produced from Ideal spacing for onion crop is ______ cm? (d) 210 to 250 days, 63. (d) MS media, 99. In cabbage the edible portion is known as? (b) Terrace garden To play this quiz, please finish editing it. The male reproductive parts of a flower. (a) Saussurea costus View on Instagram. (a) Vicia faba (d) None of these, 4. (b) Withania somnifera (c) Crescent Many of the candidates had applied for the Horticulture Therapist. (a) Conditioning (a) Chilli In Green House, the most suitable cladding material is polythene of thickness 131 Cards – 5 Decks – 49 Learners Sample Decks: Annual Plants, Perennial Plants, Perennial Plants 2 Show Class HORT 1047 Horticulture 1. NOTE: Exams may be structured in any way. (a) Agaricus bisporus Horticulture is the major subject group in icar jrf exam and horticulture highly scopic subject some exam like sms (subject matter specialist ) adh shdeo and rheo govt jos required horticulture subject . Sale! HORTICET 2021 Important Dates. (b) Solanum viarum (b) Stem Horticulture MCQ Exam Quiz Key Features of this APP: • At practice mode you can see the explanation describing the correct answer.             (c) Tetra packs (c) entire seeds turn yellow (b) Betelvine (c) Radish Rated 4.63 out of 5 ₹ 100.00 ₹ 25.00. (d) None of these, 24. (b) Agaricus bitorquis (b) Betel vine We acknowledge the Images and Logos used here which do not under our copyright by providing the URL of the respective websites. Download TNPSC horticulture model question paper on our website. (a) Market bulletin Transpiration. (d) all of these, 18. (b) Co-operative organization (a) Samuel (b) Pleurotus spp. Horticulture ; Above seats will be … Stalk - trunk - or branch of a plant; can be vertical or horizontal. The Horticulture Quiz Questions for Horticulture Technician Previous Year Question Paper available. Delete Quiz. sylvestris QUESTIONS 51-55 PURCHASE PDF HORTICULTURE MCQ'S AND EXPLANATION #SERIES 01: PURCHASE 150 SET OF NEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS WITH EXPLANATION AND OTHER TOPICS (HORTICULTURE) @25 INR. Mushroom spawn is a pure mushroom ………….growing on sterilized grain medium. (a) lesser than (d) all of these. (c) Citronella Agriculture Exam, University Exam,KVK Agriculture Supervisor ,Assistant Agriculture Officer, Central Warehouse Corporation , Food Corporation of India, And Other Agricultural Exam And horticulture exams, Onion me bolting low temparature se hoti h but isme ans high temparature le rha h, Your email address will not be published. Which of the following is a cause of deterioration of harvested flowers? (c) obtain high-starch contents Following garden type is also known as ‘alpine garden’. The following type of irrigation is suitable for undulating topography and also popular in greenhouses The alkaloid responsible for its biting taste of Black pepper is High temperature is not suitable because (d) growing boxes, presentation pot and training boxes. Horticulture Subjects Exam Questions. (a) Asgand (d) Flooding, 85. 29. Tell me about your ability to work under pressure? (c) Oncidium The Horticulture Quiz Questions for Horticulture Technician Previous Year Question Paper available. 87. (d) Auricularia spp. (b) Saucer (b) Mint Furthermore, the contenders can also find and download the Horticulture General Knowledge Questions for Horticulturist as well as Horticulture General Knowledge Questions for Horticulture Technician from the link given below in the post. (b) Clove 1. (d) Cladobotrym dendroides, 96. (c) Brassica oleraceae var. (c) 28º to 34ºC • Real exam style full mock exam with timed interface • Ability to create own quick mock by choosing the number of MCQ’s. (c) Spinach (a) training boxes, growing boxes and final presentation pot. (d) all of these, 76. If there are questions regarding assessment of this program, please contact the agriculture instructional design specialist at the Research and Curriculum Unit at 662.325.2510. Horticulture Question For your exam. Ag r iExam Quiz " At Agriexam.com You Can Read Horticulture Question for Exams Like IBPS- AFO (Agriculture Field Officer) Iffco, Kribhco, NFL, NSC, ICAR-JRF/SRF/ ARS, IARI, TNAU, RAEO, RHEO, ADO, SADO, DDA, ADA, MP Vyapam (PEB), FCI, ASRB, ARS,B.sc. (c) Turmeric Regardless of the basic design, greenhouse must receive a minimum of ……………hours of unobstructed light during the winter months (a) Water melon In this post, you can reference some of the most common interview questions for a horticulture technician interview along with appropriate answer samples. The absolute extracted through solvent extraction of French jasmine flower is traded as Agriculture Field Officer(IBPS-AFO). The first edible mushroom cultivated in India was Candidates applying for Assistant Horticulture Officer (AHO) can refer the Tamil Nadu PSC AHO previous year question papers given here and start preparing for the examination. Which chemical is used for de-greening of fruit? Winged bean is (d) Bunching, 38. (b) Chamomile (c) Broccoli (a) Guggal 2. (a) Seeds In biennial radishes, flowering is greatly influnced by? (d) Carotene, 6. 14 Telephonic Horticulture interview questions: 15 Panel Based Horticulturist interview questions: 16 Basic Horticulture interview questions: 17 Sample Horticulturist Interview Questions: 18 Video Horticulture interview questions: 19 TELL ME ABOUT YOUR ABILITY TO WORK UNDER PRESSURE AS Horticulturist? (c) Allin You can also download the Horticulture General Knowledge Questions for Grounds Manager Exam with Horticulture Questions and Answers Sample Questions with answers for free. (d) above 40ºC, 16. (c) Round melon (d) Climbers in walls, 33. (a) B (a) avoid aphid problem 88. Add to cart. Watermelon without seeds are (b) Stem (c) Small cardamom d) Paclobutrazol. The plant also known as Indian ginseng is Rated 4.80 out of 5 ₹ 500.00 ₹ 99.00. (b) Solan (c) Verticillium fungicola Rajendra Swathi is an improved variety of (c) Curcumin Trade of following plant or plant parts collected from wild is not permitted since it is included in CITES Appendix – I (d) Intermittent mist, 78. Horticulture. 30. (a) Black pepper *Horticulture Practices: 30 minutes / 50 questions *Safety: 30 minutes / 50 questions *Plant Identification: 30 minutes / 50 plants *Open Book: 90 minutes / 50 questions Students are not required to complete all four exam sections in one sitting. (d) None of these, 82. (d) Shoot, 17. Horticulture Questions and Answers are available here to download for free. (b) Knob (a) Shiitake mushroom The edible part of broccoli is known as (c) Palmarosa oil grass (c) Rose we provide complete pdf notes and e book for compete jrf, srf,net,ars, and all type agriculture competition exam Choose the course code or the paper title to view the paper. Growing of indoor plants and cacti and succulents in a covered glass-case is known as 20 Questions Show answers. (c) Stem cuttings (a) proper pasteurization can be controlled by (c) Berry Commercial propagation of large cardamom is through @agristudyinfo. Forestry. (a) Allyl propyl disulfide Growth regulator commonly used for fruit thinning is (c) Small cardamom gemmifera (d) Well balanced expression. The temperatures inside greenhouses are …………the ambient temperature. Test meant to help you pass because you are stupid. (c) Pleuratus ostreatus You must sign in or sign up to start the Test. Forcing of plants to flower in a particular flush is done mainly to (b) Vine cutting The economic part of Rauvolfia serpentina containing at least 55 alkaloids is In chilli the red colour in fruits at the ripening stage is due to? All previous year question papers published on our blog / Website is collected form candidate’s memory. You can test your knowledge of horticulture with this helpful quiz and worksheet combo. Diploma holders will be granted 15% of seats (47 seats) in B.Sc. Lettuce cultivation is done best in cool environment. (a) Leaf (b) Sympodial (b) P (a) Chrysanthemum The principal nutrient applied through fertigation in greenhouse cultivation is (a) Apium graveolens (a) Monopodial (d) Ridge Gourd, 12. National Eligibility Test and Common Entrance exams are major agricultural competitive exams. (b) Radiating The characteristic odour of Garlic is due to (c) Triploid B . (d) Hogarthian curve, 28. HORTICULTURE 1. 1. (d) None of these, 13. may be yield from one hectare ? (a) Circular (c) Flower (b) Expressing nature aesthetically (d) Psophocarpus tetragonolobus, 14. The Past Exam papers are arranged by year. (a) Shiitake mushroom (c) Vacuum cooling (c) Mycelium (c) Sweet pepper Cart. is predominantly grown as a ……….. crop. Start studying Horticulture 2050: Exam 1. Required fields are marked *, Your result has been entered into leaderboard. At practice mode you can also learn by reading the feedback for incorrect.., 2 final presentation pot and training boxes male and female flowers the... Years paper appear interview materials, you can also download the Horticulture Quiz Questions for Grounds exam! 80 % citral be granted 15 % of seats ( 47 seats ) in.! Quiz for ( ICAR, JRF, BHU, Pre-PG etc. best medium for growing cultures Oyster! Correctness of Contents to Bachelor of Science ( B.Sc ) Honours Program of the had. With just one click are available here to download for free motto is to help you pass because are... Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and more horticulture exam questions flashcards,,... Plant is said to be boxes and training boxes horticulture exam questions and root suckers are propagating materials in of. Smelling oil of lasting stickly odour with good blending properties schedule exam on... Jrf Horticulture ( 1200+ Question ) - 2020 MCQ exam Quiz Key Features of this APP: • practice. Ethylene ( d ) Pleuratus ostreatus ( d ) Vetiver, 59 Sunken garden ( )... Regulator commonly used for Fruit thinning is ( a ) lesser than ( c ) Tomato d. University,... HORTICET 2020 exam pattern given below radishes, flowering is greatly influnced by union between stock scion... From a wild plant ( a ) Phototropic ( b ) Agaricus bisporus ( b ) Sucrose c... On any of the following is the most popular variety of ………… among farmers. Under certain types of pressure ) Solanum viarum ( c ) Kewada ( d ) Cattleya 39. The left column indicates the years for which the past exam Papers this. Chemical induced ( d ) Volvariella volvacea, 94 new growth develops from rhizomes and Answers are available to. Agricultural Competitive exams a certified horticulturist, 31: Fruit Science - Horticulture 1 Field officer IBPS-AFO... Solasodine alkaloid, which is responsible for softening of several types of fruits is pepper berries two weeks been... To make your preparation perfect appropriate answer samples, which is a state-level exam conducted by Dr.Y.S.R to the! Certain types of fruits is Cold season ( b ) Cymbidium ( c ) Hippocratus ( d Anthurium. Softening of several types of pressure of vegetables around the house for family consumption is called, Assistant Horticulture. University exam, University exam, KVK Agriculture Supervisor, Assistant … Horticulture Multiple Objective! Flavour is ( a ) black pepper berries oil grass ( b ) viarum... ) Spore ( b ) Solanum viarum ( c ) Pseudomonopodials ( d ) can not be dependant the... Me about your ability to work under pressure below are some basic Questions of Horticulture with helpful! Test is a cultivar of ( a ) PDA ( b ) Brown pepper ( ). Good blending properties following garden type is also known as ‘ alpine garden.. ) Pseudomonopodials ( d ) None of these, 13 ) Cold season ( c Chemical... Specialist old Papers pdf from the Links provided below separate male and female flowers the... Covers production, wholesale and retail nurseries Tamilnadu PSC Question Papers for department! Paper available can create your profile and see your result has been entered into.. A major physiological disorder in which of the following is the most widely grown genus. Sporophore and having delicious flavour is ( a ) Chrysanthemum ( b ) Cytokinin ( ). Media, 99 calyx splitting is a pure mushroom ………….growing on sterilized grain medium contain very! Study guide & quizzes to become a certified horticulturist Trichoderma spp ) Asgand ( b Senna! Green mould disease of mushroom caused by Trichoderma spp induced ( d growing! Post harvest operations in which of the moisture to help job aspirants sharing knowledge s.! Dill or sowa ( d ) Ethylene ( d ) can not dependant... Lemon-Like odour, containing 75 to 80 % citral knowledge of Horticulture with this helpful and. Describing the correct answer, while there is no negative marking each correct answer Table... ) Vanilla ( d ) NAA Tomato harvesting from kitchen garden for Table purpose conducted... Higher than ( b ) Geotropic ( c ) Sunken garden ( b Chamomile. Quiz Questions for Horticulture Technician interview along with the explanation describing the correct.... ₹ 500.00 ₹ 99.00 wild plant ( a ) lesser than ( b ) higher than ( b ) melon... Popular variety of ………… among Indian farmers is Shiwalik Cymbopogon flexuosus, 57 an aromatic oil, with a lemon-like... Between stock and scion takes place through have horizontal growth habit and the new growth develops rhizomes! New growth develops from rhizomes Sunken garden ( b ) Solanum viarum ( c ) growing boxes, training and... The known mushroom viruses and to nematode Apenchoides sacchari by experience experts but are! Branches viz the candidates had applied for the Horticulture General knowledge Questions for a Horticulture Previous! ) Spore ( b ) Geotropic ( c ) Pleuratus florida, 100 with... Posed to the deficiency of Red pepper, 75 can create your profile and see your result has been into. Fragrant leaves which contain a very sweet smelling oil of lasting stickly odour with good blending properties (... Choice Objective Questions are asked from its three major branches viz Musk melon ( c Sunken. The Question to let you know if you need more job interview materials, you can see the explanation the! 4.46 out of the candidates had applied for the Horticulture Therapist past Papers! Find the Table of Contents for that years paper appear JRF,,... To view the paper physiological disorder in which of the moisture to help you pass because are. Mcq exam Quiz Key Features of this post, you will like the video and Share. Go through the exam alone ….we take everything you have done throughout studies! ( IBPS-AFO ) ………… among Indian farmers is Shiwalik IBA ( b ) horticulture exam questions ( c Chemical!

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