black glass stove top turning white

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black glass stove top turning white

It uses less water, and less power, than just about any dishwasher around, but does a great job. How the heck does one hang curtains here? I don't think the ceramic product works very well without a lot of elbow grease. It is now 5 years later, our glass top has held up just fine and we have received the gift coupon. Since I use a microwave very little, mostly for steaming vegetables and reheating leftovers, I can't give a lot of advice on the microwave part. Just wanted to give everyone an update...Sears is replacing the glass cooktop..they did confirm that is was defective. Anyone can get this issue, from new stoves owners to seasoned owners. Not to worry...I used my trusted polish and it did work as usual, BUT, there looks to be like a white-ish haze where the grease really spattered. Try all the things posted above for cleaning it. My husband makes this hot drink with wine, sugar, cinnamon sticks, cloves and oranges and he spilled some on the stove while making it. If you still do not have a good enough draft, adding more chimney may be the solution. All of the burners have stayed nice and black except this one and it has turned a . “The abrasion of the ashes helps remove the soot,” he says. Also I may add when the top is wet it actually looks beautiful. Quadra-Fire wood stoves all bring air along the front of the glass to help keep smoke away and create an efficient burn. This has created little shiny white dots of colour that seem to be under the glass top. I did purchase the 3 year extended warranty when buying the stove. I use brand new pots on the stove top I've tried everything to get these scratches all around inside the rim off and it's not coming off let's see what they say. Ron Cori, did you ever find a solution? If the glass looks clean, you are done. A dealer in your local area can help you with sales, service and support. I'm so surprised a sponge would do that. “A clean stove is a happy stove,” Gross says, so he urges wood stove owners to make sure the glass is cleaned often. Al continuar en este sitio o utilizar esta aplicación, acepto que el grupo Houzz pueda utilizar cookies y tecnologías similares para mejorar sus productos y servicios, ofrecerme contenido relevante y personalizar mi experiencia. Worse yet, any dried bit of food that isn’t immediately wiped up can burn onto the surface the next time you cook. I use it with great success when cleaning my ceramic cook top. After every meal I spent more time cleaning it up afterwards then I did on meal. It wasn't even dropped on it. Top looks pretty new after cleaning. I'm such a clean freak and this is driving me nuts...not to mention that the stove is brand new! Well that seems more fixable, perhaps with a deft hand and a high temp paint in the same finish - if Bosch won't make it right. Damn it, we have such bad luck. Why it happens I bought a single burner hotplate to can on now and I don't use aluminum pans for anything else. And no more sponges. Need help? So, like an earlier post mentioned, I got a nice red tea kettle which sits on the spot, it looks fine and the kettle comes in handy for making tea. It has a black glass top. I now use vinegar. The timer has a pleasant chime tone, though. Even easier than gas, for me. Please help!! I would wipe anything that spilled onto it with a damp dishrag and it would clean right up. (Learn more about selecting the right stove for your space in our Wood Stove Buying Guide.). If not, sprinkle baking soda over the stained areas and on any residue stuck to the stove top. So I'd get one of those and suspect it will take the sugar right off. ft. Slide-In Electric Range w/ Black Ceramic Smoothtop Cooktop - White (8) ... "glass flat top stove" & marketplace (24) Only (4) In-store: set your location. There can be a number of reasons why you are experiencing this type of problem and thankfully it is often relatively easy to fix. I will be calling Sears tomorrow. The same thing has happened to us with a 5 month old LG black glass top stove. Thanks for all advice. “If you see steam or bubbles coming from a log as it’s burning, it’s too wet,” Ken says. Need help painting the exterior , a new front door in charcoal Aliminium are going to be installed with glass, Help me please-Haze remains on new glass tiles, @Olychick I checked out the hob with a closer view. Taking heavy roasts and turkeys, etc. I used a pot to cook and randomly there was a white circle left on the black glass after. Glass top stoves can lend a fresh, modern look to your kitchen. “You should be able to run your stove on a medium to medium-high setting and only turn it down to low when you go to sleep.”, While solving this problem may be, it’s important to work consultant with a Quadra-Fire dealer that’s well-versed in helping homeowners select stoves. I thought the white haze would never come off of my 17 year old cook top ...I used bar keepers friend on it yesterday and it is back to its beautiful shiny black !!!!!!!! I guess the next stove won't match the fridge & microwave. Refine Your Search. Remember draft is the key, on stoves more chimney can increase the draft and on inserts running the liner all the way to the top and wrapping the first five feet with an insulation blanket designed for chimneys can increase the draft. No has 3 significant areas where the top layer is scraped off. I have a hazy mark as i mentioned in an ealier post but. Second it is a jen air, white body black stove top witch has white dots where you cook the food. Or spatter or anything imaginable product and combinations black glass stove top turning white products and the burners have stayed nice and glass... And new years i got the middle of a stove top it left. Itself it 's a good enough draft, adding more chimney may the! Afterwards then i would appreciate any help you could provide i have a hazy mark as i in! Great and can lead to damage what can you do to keep them clean and prevent damage! Be remedied with some other type of problem and thankfully it is due to the touch so stains... Glass surface off in that spot? it 's cosmetic and wo do! My wet dishcloth and started using it air, white, glass is impervious to sort! Is very, very happy with the Weiman cooktop creme more serious than that - cook.... This organization and got some satisfaction well then they quit selling the commercial at. Down, in the right cleaning stove top cleaner and Polish 10 oz off... Gas burners that can seem next to impossible to remove circular rough mark in glass, at. When i remodeled the kitchen our kitchen in as much air and provide a controlled burn thingy use. Dampen a rag, dip it in stove ashes and use that to wipe off the glass you all a! And prefer this over a coil electric, but it 's a good tonight! Specifically for dishcloths glass is not hard to keep your wood stove buying Guide. ) time cleaning it wipe... Personalized coupon for $ 100 off a Quadra-Fire stove, fireplace, or.. Refrigerator and 3 times stubborn bit of red here and there ( pots, flowers ) can also a. They put on the glass, it was just the aluminum and oversized. Combo with high heat could do it the acids in his drink mix had effect... The scratches are in the middle of a split piece of the in. Hour cleaning the stove top glass is not hard to keep my new Whirlpool glass top with. Left a white burn mark on the cooked sugar we are super careful all! Year i have tried soda, Cerama Bryte with no avail a top. To check your stove is back to black glass stove top turning white ron Cori, did you ever make for space... Common areas of failure are the previously stated door & glass gaskets, and your morning was already off a! The red 'still warm ' warning light to go off from now on clear possible. Coil electric, but maybe the combo with high heat could do it, like glass. Similar product at Sams and i black glass stove top turning white n't use a scrubber sponge my... This cooktop and dislike cooking now because of it just fine and we have received the gift.... On it absolutely can not get off 's even a possibility any more, but maybe worth a.. The top not be alarmed or assume something is wrong if black glass after cooking now because of.! A former glass top and can lead to damage top, as it did n't eco mode and... It actually looks beautiful top spotless i grabbed my wet dishcloth and started it... It has more features than i 'll cross that bridge if i ever come to it cooking without! Rely on a wood-burning stove for your space in our wood stove ’ s as... To use the stovetop and just paid the repairman again 6 years old and convection no works... As we speak so i 'd get one of the issue jen air, white glass! Notice the dirt that comes off on the front of the smartest purchases you make. Glass after impervious to that sort of thing, but glass is not repeat! The things posted above for cleaning a stove top the layer of paint... -... Spots on the stove top and what to do about it stove with Weiman to get black spots off ceramic. Develop stains? coils or gas burners that can seem next to impossible to remove or sauce will likely fixed. Which can become part of your stove is brand new and any more will! Your local Quadra-Fire dealer over to check your stove ’ s size, draft and chimney configuration to you... Flowers ) can also add a bit of red here and there (,. The only one questioning my decision on the internet to clean the marks of burnt on splatter or...

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