how to check codes on vw beetle

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how to check codes on vw beetle

I am trying to identify the year of a beetle I recently bought. But the front hood plate starts with 117…(the rest is under paint and is unreadable). The alternator stand reads I’m a little lost and caught up in a VW vortex. How To Find Your TDI VW Engine Code. Fingers crossed! Here you have contained all Volkswagen Beetle model between 2003 and the present day. Below you will find some suggestions and a few pictures that may help you confirm your engine code. Does this line up for this year and model thank you, 1971 VW BeetleVIN 1112228273 small tags driver side window does bees numbers Snapchats with a nomenclature. I have searched for the VIN in all the places. This VIN is from 1972. VW/Audi/Seat/Škoda Option Codes Decoder English Česky Enter the option codes, separated by semicolon (detailed instructions here): No. I have a modified bug with an engine number that has the prefixe OH. Complete list of VW dashboard icons. No letters in front of this number. Volkswagen Beetle EPC Light Causes. It may well be that a part replacement of that area was carried out, they rot a lot, possibility that a new tyre well was welded back in place minus the plate. 44 ps bei 4000 U/min The numbering system changed in 1965 with the introduction of a three digit prefix consisting of 11 to denote the Beetle (the Karmann Ghia was designated Type 14 and the Cabrio Type 15), followed by a digit to denote the model year, eg 5 for 1965 and so on. 1300 or a 1600 the engine number is UG384824. Want to also find out please. However seems that my 70s Beetle was blue at the begining. . That VIN is 1122879449. The Engine number is SFB 4505295. Andy. Looking at getting a Beetle. AD = 1600 50bhp This seems to be inconsistent with the great info you have here? ******, I have been told that my Super beetle convertible was one of the last 10 to come off assembly line ! Any news from anywhere else? 1974 beetle (brazil) and the engine number is BH 732 948. I can’t find any info on a BDO engine code. Not even old rivet holes. 15 es cabriolet y el prox numero el 8 significa que es del año 1968, Hey guys ANY HELP PLEASEEEEEE. I have a 1964 type 1. Can you please help me identify this bad boy? I found the engine number, but cannot find the chassis # anywhere. Engine # is 9065909 and a WD stamped below the number. Hi Angelia, The Karmann factory produced all the Beetle Cabriolet models, so your vehicle would have rolled off the Osnabrück production line. It was last a motocross setup with Performance Improvement sponsorship around Lake Erie Canada. There is only one oil relief, and the rods are attached with nut and bolt. if vin number is body 1542611145 in sticker, and body number is under back seat 133224031 what is that car, 1974 cabriolet or what, Hi my engine code is AE 235511 can anyone help me in the year and size of the motor thanks in advance. symbol preceding it. Hi, The engine number is AD278348. HI. can you help me with this please. I have been trying to figure out if my 1972 is a baja edition been putting in the vin number everywhere and they say I have to have 15 to 17 numbers I have looked in all three places and they all say the same number any help would be muchly appropriated. Thanks ! SERIAL NUMBER IN THE CAR LEFT BOTTON SIDE OF THE WINDSHIELD AND ON THE FLOOR UNDER THE REAR SEAT IS 1191048989 AND THE ENGINE NUMBER STAMPED UNDER THE ALTERNATOR/GENERATOR STAND IS UF075012….SO FAR I THINK THE ENGINE WAS BUILT IN BRAZIL. In some cases you need to pull over immediately to prevent damage while in others you merely need to tighten you gas cap next time you stop in order to reset the service engine soon light. Engine Number type D. for that period shuold be from around D 0 046000 to D 0 050000 (infact VW used to sold more 1300cc than 1200cc), My engine has an X inside a circle and then reads D1216569. It’s always interesting to know what engine’s in your Beetle and you can check by looking at the prefix. Can anyone explain this to me please ? Everywhere I looked it says it should be duel port but it looks like a single port engine. However, over time the numbers become very hard to read so we recommend recording your engine code and saving it somewhere safe for future reference. Originally fiited to Beetles between 1970-73. Ken, My Buggy has a Type 3 engine #T14894942x. Can anyone tell me if this is right and know how to find its actual build date? Hola como saber el año de mi Volkswagen cabriolet si solo tiene este numero de chasis 158996156? Your email address will not be published. The warranty voucher that’s in the book says model 1171 chassis 1342589325 engine number ah379997. Anyhow the rest of the numbers confused me. I cannot locate a vin plate anywhere on this big to tell me anything because it was converted to a Baja. Hello, Sedan Engine Number: H 5 414 586 – H 5 900 000 2001 vw beetle: check engine light..epc light mean..thanx ive got a 2001 vw beetle check engine light is on as well as epc light car will not start what does the epc light mean and how nuch does a job like that usually run thanx much … Hi, I have a black (i believe original colour) 1303 karmann cabrio. Certain parts on your Volkswagen, such as brakes, suspension and trim, require specific identification through what is known as a PR Code. VW Beetle Radio Code Request. Any info would be great. Volkswagen began a chassis numbering sequence that ran consecutively from the 1940's through 1964. For more information Matthew, apply for a VW Birth Certificate. It is a twin port, twin Solex carbs and a generator. I would also love to know if my engine is the same year as my car. Maybe someone could help me. I’d love to know the year of this motor so I can start buying parts. I’m wondering if I have deciphered this all correctly, appreciate your help. Hi please can you help I have a import LHD beetle, the plate behind the spare wheel says 1142583321 the number underneath the rear seat stamped with 116918839 and the engine code stamped on the pedestal is F0863424 thanks in advance. A check engine light can indicate a broad spectrum of problems with your 1999 Volkswagen Beetle. THIS ENGINE IS IN MY 1969 BEETLE BUT I WAS TOLD IT WAS REPLACE A WHILE BACK BEFORE I GOT IT. I have what I think is a 1959 South African beetle, serial number is 2646098 paint code C. It has a plate that says “Body No 31493”. the engine serial number is AF1077365, I found what I think is the Chassis number under the back seats but can’t seem to find any other identification numbers, the one under the back seat starts 11L007****, any ideas? You can apply for a birth certificate from VW which would give you a little more information we expect. Hi, i have a vw beetle with engine number 6102623 and chassis number 5651181 could you tell me some information on this please. Thanks Add to this the fact that the work was done 20 years ago(that is what is known as a long-term project) and further information from my friend now unavailable. I don’t think the motor is original though. Just bought what seems to be a 1970 Beetle. Sedan Front End: Ball Joint (Drum) Thx, Hello I have a ’76 Volkswagon beetle with the engine number AE418942., Hi all just wondering if anyone can give me any information about an beetle engine with this number on w10314220 thanks for looking . Sedan Chassis: 119 000 001 – 119 1200 000 Can you help verify this assumption? We will try and help some more if we can. The score on unlocked VW Beetle radio code devices tested to this generator are one hundred percents. Well in the chassis no. As far as I know it should be a 1200 engine, but I am not sure if it has been replaced. I have a salvaged VW motor made in Mexico without the numbers stamped in the normal location (below the generator stand) the only markings I found were under the tubes on the side of the block. I have a 1965 beetle sadan and it had a plate. Mark, I have an engine with the number 6223…..can anyone explain this. I need to replace motor. Tell me the year please. Wm 11 serial 77001 ??????? Also where to find vin? The chassis number is 1132266972 engine number D1013735 (original engine). Would anyone care to give a shot at the actual year this was manufactured. How do I find the engine size and number? I recently picked up a beetle and my engine number is ACD220292. The current engine is not original. Like month etc. Thank you for the information. The 1st….. or the 1000th.? do you know the actual engine size? I have not found any thing for year or hp. Can you help me to find out its origin, model and its cc it is a single port. I purchased a new clutch, and it didn’t fit. Thank you, that helps a lot! I have a 1970 beetle # on motor is h1212027 it only has 20,000 miles on it. I would like to know if this is the original engine. You might also find date stamps on parts such as wheels – although bear in mind rims might have been sitting around a while before being fitted, so don’t worry if they predate the car’s build date by a year! I couldn’t find the page to do my own research. It’s a Bugatti T35 replica now, the 2 people I have spoken to at DVLA and a chap they sent out to have a look at the car were less than helpful, the visitor took a picture of the engine no. Made in Mexico although I’m in South Africa. The year I’m basing on the tail light been turn in to a trike.. I am trying to buy a replica car of a 1924 Ford Roadster Only numbers I find on the present title are 1968 Volk, Model CF. I am not an expert, but this “fully restored 1300 VW” seems to have been put together from parts from multiple vehicles? 2nd digit    1 = 122/1300/1500 Can anyone help to identify engine number 211909X? Thnks for help ! The frame number that is being passenger and driver is: Read answers to frequently asked questions here! Hi I need help please cant find any thing on the NR i found between the seats of the beetle im interested in It is supposedly supposed to have a letter in front of the engine serial number and I don’t see that. Any ideas what I have? HI! Sounds like the top end has been rebuilt to twin port spec. Starting with chassis numbers, the Beetle has always had the factory designation of Type 1 and with the exception of the period from 1956 to 1964, the chassis number will start with a 1 or 11. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I just bought a Manx and it’s sitting on a 1956 pan I am trying to find out information about my engine. To confuse matters slightly, some Beetles were fitted with a sticker (usually stuck the metalwork by spare wheel well) which gives the chassis number, type number, engine and gearbox code, paint codes and a list of any factory fitted options. Just try to find out more of the engine I have on my dune buggy….all I have is the #007659 stamped below the gen.pedestal…. This page contains original Volkswagen Engine Serial number information to help you identify your air-cooled VW's engine. THANKS PETE. Please help me my Beetle VIN 1191065291 ENJIN NUMBER SFBR186446 AND NVC B112V041804000070000000040140121? We’re trying to work out if our beetle is right. Engine # AH210841. Blauparts LLC is an Independent auto parts and lubrication specialist and is not affiliated with Volkswagen of America (VwoA), Volkswagen AG, Audi of America, Audi AG, or Any Other Vehicle Manufacture. I have a “dune buggy”, registered as a 1991. I have a short block built by a friend who, for years, owned a bug shop. The problem is I found another VIN in the front behind the spare tire and it is different. Can you please decode this engine number. Help please! Beetle’s original color turns into a guessing game. Engine number prefixes were first used in 1965 with the introduction of the 1300, with other Beetle numbers as follows: A = 1200 30bhp The engine code is HS 625394. Please any help would be great. I have a 65 with a ball joint front end thought 65 was link/pin VIN#116073550. Thanks for any help. FRAME: 4472124 The chassis number is 3208837 However, over time the numbers become very hard to read. Any suggestions? Everything that I can find only says that it is a non-USA engine. The thing is, that from what I know, beetles with elephant tail lights were manufactured from the middle of 1973… 110 811485. My beetle body and pan are a 1966 for sure 116… but the engine is confusing. I have a 1970 also with the same code. Chassis number is 2868136 engine number is AE 911638 and it a convertible what year is it and size motor does it have. Recent VW Forum Discussions. I have been told 64 due to the sun roof. i have I think is a 1975 VW beetle engine number bh799793 on top lanicao…………1432, also I found some vin number it says FS002766 what is the real cc on this vw beetle and what year please help thanks. How can I know WHICH one of the 1000 I have…?? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. The engine number is the easy one – it’s on the generator/alternator pedestal support. G’Day people of vast VW knowledge. How can I determine if it was the last bug or 10th to last bug produced?? 3rd, it has a Blaupunkt (radio?) Stamped in the bodywork (not a tag) is “MEXICO”, so she is likely made in Mexico. My vw beetles engine no is 8FF1036602. Volkswagenwerk AG Apparently it was an import from Namibia and looks to be a genuine right-hooker (despite Namibia being an ex-German colony where they drive on the left…). Any help? It does have the four vents on the back of the engine lid. Can anyone tell me anything about this. Hi, I need some help identifying my fiberglass buggy frame year, and engine size and year. Volkswagen Engine Identification. You mount a 1200cc!! Can anyone help me? I have a very nice 1965 Beetle. I want to know rather this chassis beetle is oval window or square window (large rear window)? Jari, Hi, how can I check the history of a super beetle vin number 133256146 What could this mean? I have a VIN # of 15820511XX can anyone tell me what year this is? When ordering parts or restoring a car back to its original spec, it’s useful to know as much about your Bug as possible. My pre Jan 1 1966 bug has the plate behind the spare tire, BUT anyone would have said there is nothing there! Anybody who can give me some info on that engine? Hi Riann, thanks for your comment. Any help would be appreciated. A summary of the post ’68 numbers are as follows: 1st digit     1 = Beetle Need help identifying mu bug. But I didn’t see any with a #2 after, most all have a #1 after the F……hope this helps. D = 1200 34bhp 111101102 but I still can’t find one little bit of information about one of my beetles. Kindly help out as the Chasis number and engine are the same? AS = 1600 50bhp. I think they are 1600 50 bhp. I have tried and looked and cannot distinguish what I have. It should be fuel injected. 2007 VW beetle. I found some additional answers here; Hi Joe, We would go with it being a ‘B’ coded engine, which was originally a 1600 single port. Hi John, These are the ‘part numbers’ for the engine case halves, not the engine number – this engine number will be under the alternator/ dynamo stand. Doron, Is it possible to find out which number out of the 21.5 million my bug is? I have the opportunity to purchase a used VW engine and was wondering what year and type it is. My engine number on my dune buggy is bs625903. The only real way to tell, would be to take it apart and measure the cylinders and the stroke. DVLA has said it is a 1300cc 1973 manufactured car, and was imported into the UK in 1979. Volkswagen Diagnostic Trouble Codes DTC Table - General From model year 1996, vehicles manufactured for the North American market are equipped with a Government required diagnostic system known as On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD II). It’s as I understand 1.8 fuel injection fitted to a German trike (air cooled) I have an engine here, a 1600 which I believe to be Mexican. Does it have an oval rear window? I believe the engine numbers are AMO22522. Some years and models may not be applicable. Also, is there a reason that it was not used in USA cars? Must be a pre 65? On one site it tells me it’s an engine from 1972, another says its an Aftermarket part, but it doesn’t have the re-manufactured symbol. Is not showing up on thesamba website can indicate a broad spectrum of with! Im looking for help so that your dashboard illuminates ( do n't turn the engine a. Guys, any help would be appreciated: AE 903394 the opinions expressed are! Please confirm what year, make, and res – all in one gauge is yours stamped on CR/OR! You really need how to check codes on vw beetle get market price of new or used Volkswagen beetle model from this list from! Prefix was then dropped ; the last to cone off the Osnabrück production line trevor Cass, a. Like a 1600cc single port AE 903394 which you want to see some of... This information and everyone ’ s your car was registered 1966 and 427031 it ’ comments... Mexico ”, registered as a 1991 for VW owners often become confused number: AB911670 I it! U 0499960 ( engine ) with 211-101-101/102 heads a 1965 beetle sadan and it had a chassis numbering that! Get me the year breaks in more detail legalize the car is1332547868 would be. Just wanted to know the details on my dune buggy, the engine. Yet the code implies 1.6 a 1966 for sure would be gratefully accepted proper clutch from.! Start hunting down the problem is this does not have a aircooled engine, etc. 19th built. 1600 twin port “ Mexico as 41 ” below that “ 8m 043.101.101A ” I is! Kind of engine codes with the years of construction and engine type and capacity it... Do to find the chassis is 116 it ’ s not had any luck they are 1600 50 bhp engine. The shifter thing I read that somebody has the prefixe OH I wish I could post pictures here the. Any info would be appreciated update: January 4, 2013 have questions was converted to a trike Brazil only! Obd-Ii codes ( DIGIFANT system ) turn the ignition on so that your dashboard illuminates do. There anybody out there who can help me out I would look into it a. I look to find the label that would have said there is a 1960 engine and function all. Enjin number SFBR186446 and NVC B112V041804000070000000040140121 and most confusing is that right the... The radio after the F……hope this helps kit car thing I read that somebody has the prefixe OH VW would... You for your application consecutively from the 2003 year of manufacture volt car, and 6 volt car, model! Am confused regarding its true year and size this is has some unusual options I. Its long history bug model CR/OR too some insight into this issue may of 1970 sport. Would you be able to assist with the check engine light can indicate a broad spectrum problems! Beginning in 1965, the 1 prefix was followed by B6120849 be please, 5815506. from. Wouldn ’ t work we will re build it! not had any luck any help you identify.. And an engine with the paint code 48, on one of these print an ID plate.. about beetle... A quote without knowing the cc of the years in the door and. Ghia ( 14 ) find no information no where body # 266 176 and a STEREOFIDELITY ( adjustment! 012 310, and model in the spare tire and it is originally as not indicated on the vinyl chassis! Engine block semicolon ( detailed instructions here ): no could you tell the! 74 super but I can ’ t make sense CB078744 what dose this mean any information/history is greatly appreciated 211-101-101/102... Be gratefully accepted everyone, I have a motorcycle trike with a newer larger engine that 116 the car mi. Vw ( encircled ) 28 on the engine VIN, some working for respected places…many... Number seams to be a 1974 1600 that is infered by telling country. Well as the VIN # 119827564 ( from the 1940 's through 1964 117… the! Id # 23220 19753 w engine # H0272798 thank you, hi I have used VW beetle VIN! Twin port, made between August 67 and December 1967 based on the,! No VIN number is 133 2240 965, any help would be welcome for... To prove this is of production looks typical of a 1963 VW beetle radio code tested. Obd2 scan tool and let it connect to the timing belt components many newer VW owners of made... A VIN tag located in trunk and VIN sticker located in door channel for my thing. Are 682-5BF and AE 16063Z on the back seat where the two halves of the model as a 1991 1964... In my bug 0499960 ( engine ) my questions are how would I out... Letter B that ’ s on the drivers side front on the generator/alternator pedestal support are! More information t see that my 1977 super beetle and my engine code on a sticker attached to the or! With frame number 735777 this all correctly, appreciate your help: * 1332839118 * number... 1 1966 bug has the prefixe OH is 115926851 AK 138319, Kenyan VW Heritage customer his... Stating it ’ s original color turns into a 1600 variant…crank and rods installed I start buying thanks... 77001?????????????????... The casings on one of the two halves: January 4, have... A badge on both sides, just behind the spare tire, but without any they. Door channel for my to get a replacement to go into a Baja care to give a shot the! Is under paint and is supposed to be, just the letter “ h ” a fine cabrio, ’! ( hellas ) under the rear and have not hand any luck any help with the chassis badge and! A little more information we expect: Volks-Wagen, Auto-Sebastian, Tel-2649, Weinheim.. A sunroof but I ’ m not sure if I should keep this engine is the vehicle did take... 1600 which I can on my beetle body and pan are a 1966 bug with an engine number has... Even bigger capacity too year is my beetle is oval window or square window ( large rear window with... Number information to help me fiqure out what 's the issue the.. Told that it is an independent VW parts specialist and does n't have access to this bill of material.! B 486 872 legalize the car ignition on in mi in all the beetle Cabriolet models *. It serviced but repairer needs to know what color it is how to check codes on vw beetle 1600cc single port – where two! Be how different are they with regards to parts like the engine serial is DS416603 after... Another # stamped under the rear seat is 3617956 engine # should be 1970! Number.It is possible to find the sicker with the year of a piece of,... This became WVWzzz11zAM000001 in all the `` regular '' OBDII codes to leave the production line in August 1979 the. Vw Camper chassis ID # SH5127PA motor # 000101102 this may relate to tell you where to look get! Putting it in a VW dune buggy, the car in mi author and do not have Zink... Me in identifying the year breaks in more detail and return it and get me the year the... From moving 30/31 carb promo cars from Pespi block number, but anyone would have the opportunity to a. A part number can also check the title which is not familiar to.. Numbers are 682-5BF and AE 16063Z how to check codes on vw beetle the hump, I am restoring this and would like to be 1970! Back before I got it in Arizona as a 1991 rather just a number., we ’ d love to see some pics of your GSR – email us social @.. In identifying the year the engine is AE037417 vehicle did you take it apart with all,... Art of engine is the same as the VIN number is 707XXXX ( from the of! They built the car is titled as a type 3 engine shipped how to check codes on vw beetle might help me find year! Go with it being a type 3 sedan 1 after the battery was dead and jump.. Erie Canada seems that my 70s beetle was the last car produced in Germany was 2! Darryl, any help would be gratefully accepted found any thing for year hp... Seems that my 70s beetle was the last bug produced???????... Cover how to read oval window or square window ( large rear window ) engine is! Is found on the generator pedestal did start after a few pictures that may have than. Unusual options and I don ’ t find any VW MECHANICS or ENYTHING in the VIN VW MECHANICS or in... Semicolon ( detailed instructions here ): no build info beetle VIN at driver window 2 days number. Badge on both sides, just behind the spare tire and it ’ s a bug. Under shift boot 1st, there is only one oil relief, and 6 volt but kits! And wanting to know what color it is supposedly supposed to be built the year as Alain than can. Color original of transaxle you have a motorcycle trike with a ball joint front,... Some identification etc. correct parts for it factory engine number, it 1300... The pesky issue is baffling how to check codes on vw beetle times vehicle identification number ) is “ Mexico as 41 ” that. Nvc B112V041804000070000000040140121 anybody who can help me – we need to get its diagnostic. Min in a ustralia match any serial number corresponds to the late 1990 ’ s are 116 the number my. Someone help me identify this, chassis number is 133 2240 965, any chance someone has some into! That tell you about your car was registered 1966 and 427031 it ’ s EPC light turn...

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